Upon coming back from Tribal, Brad and the former majority alliance is still in shock over being blindsided by Debbie’s elimination. They ask who flipped and Sarah cops (that’s a joke) up to it right away. The minority (now majority) alliance revels in it being a game changing move.

Reward Challenge Spoilers

In this reward challenge, teams will be separated in to two teams of five. They will race one by one through a series of obstacles to a chair, where the remaining team mates will lift one castaway to retrieve numbered bags. Once all 30 bags are collected, teams will use the puzzle pieces inside to solve a word puzzle. First team to solve the puzzle wins reward.

ORANGE: Sierra, Troy, Cirie, Tai, Michaela
BLUE: Andrea, Sara, Aubry, Zeke, Brad

Reward: Taken by chopper to a luxury resort for overnight stay

Michaela takes a quick lead against Brad through the course. Both teams working well together as they get their first 10 numbers.

They are neck and neck, Troy goes for Orange, Andrea for Blue. Andrea takes a bit of a lead but they finish at the same time.

They are tied again, Sierra and Sarah now out for the last 10 bags. Sarah quickly gets all 10 bags and Blue stars working on their puzzle.

Blue starts opening bags, but Sierra catches up. Andrea, Brad, Zeke for Blue; Michaela, Siera and Cirie for Orange.

They keep trying to solve the phrase… it’s been 50 minutes and neither team can solve it. Andrea thinks she has part of the puzzle.

Winner: BLUE (Andrea, Sara, Aubry, Zeke, Brad)

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this immunity challenge, castaways will balance on a beam, stacking blocks domino style. Once they have stacked enough the length of the bar, and think they can tip their blocks over, they must hit one block on a finishing gong. First castaway to land their block wins immunity.

Brad hits the trip and all of his blocks fall.

It is a race to the end with Sierra, Sarah and Michaela. Andrea has to respace hers for the win…

Winner: Andrea

Tribal Council Spoilers

During the reward challenge, Andrea noticed Zeke getting close with Brad. Back at camp, Tai tells us he does not want to use his idols but will if he feels the need.

Upon returning from reward, Andrea told Cirie about Zeke getting close with Brad. They agree to approach Sarah, even though she is touchy about bringing up Zeke’s name. Sarah tells Cirie that she is not okay with getting Zeke out this week and she tells Cirie about her secret advantage. Sarah tells us she wants to vote with the big group this week, and possibly switch back next vote because she is in the middle. Then she will pick a side. Sarah went to Zeke and planned to get rid of Andrea, and then Tai. He offers a final 3 with her and Michaela. Sarah agrees.

After the immunity challenge, Andrea continued to press for Zeke to go. Cirie tells her that Sarah won’t go for Zeke but they should try to sway Sierra or Brad their way. Sierra agrees to vote with them. Sarah approaches and Andrea continues to suggest Zeke. Once telling the other 6 about voting out Zeke, Michaela does not want to vote him out. She and Sarah continue talking about flipping the script and voting out Sierra.

They head to tribal…

Sierra: Tai
Troy: Tai
Cirie: Zeke
Tai: Sierra
Michaela: Zeke
Andrea: Zeke
Sara: Zeke
Aubry: Zeke
Zeke: Sierra
Brad: Tai