The episode begins with the fallout of Debbie using her secret advantage being used at Tribal. Debbie is happy about being in the majority and plans on picking off the remaining five castaways. Andrea was shocked by the results and explains why she voted for Zeke, to Zeke. Since Zeke knows the minority is coming after him, he plans to side with the majority.

Sarah wants to still work with Zeke moving forward, even though she swapped sides at Tribal. She says that the majority thinks the line has been drawn but that is not the case at all.

Reward Challenge Spoilers

In this reward challenge, castaways will be split in teams of two as they race through a series of obstacles in the water, making their way to a barge to grapple five rings. First team to grapple in all five rings wins reward!

Reward: Sea plane ride to an island for a picnic

Blue: Brad, Debbie, Sierra, Andrea, Aubry
Orange: Cirie, Zeke, Sarah, Troy, Tai
Sitting out: Michaela

Blue arrives first, sending Sierra out next. She is close to catching up to Tai. Troy is trying to make up some time but Blue is already sending out their third member.

Sarah is now in for orange, and teams are evening up. Aubry falls off a balance beam and has to swim back. Sarah starts taking the lead for Orange.  Teams are now even and are pressing for the fourth member of five to make it across.

Zeke falls off the beam and Andrea is catching up. She is now lapping Zeke and Blue has taken the lead. They start diving for the grappling hook while Zeke makes it across and Cirie is trying to make it back for Orange.

Sarah dives out to go help Cirie

Sierra gets one ring. Three now.

The challenge is over but everyone jumps in the water to help Ciric successfully complete the course. Additionally, Sarah finds a secret advantage.

Winner: Brad, Debbie, Sierra, Andrea, Aubry

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this immunity challenge, castaways will pull on a rope attacked to a table, to stack blocks on the table. They must spell IMMUNITY with the blocks. First to spell the word wins immunity.

Andrea has an early lead with three letters, Troy and Michaela with two. Most have 3-4 letters but Andrea has been in the lead the majority of the challenge, with Troy right behind her.

Sarah drops her blocks and has to start over. Aubry drops.

Troy and Andrea are on their last letters… Andrea drops. Brad drops.

Winner: Troy

Tribal Council Spoilers

After the reward challenge, everyone back at camp supported Cirie. Sarah goes to read her secret advantage; she gets to steal a vote from someone at Tribal. On reward, Andrea explained her issues with Zeke to the rest of the group. Back at camp, Cirie and Sarah planned to go after Sierra and Brad as they were running the show.

Returning from the Immunity Challenge, the Majority 6 planned on getting rid of Andrea. Brad also wanted to get rid of Michaela as they were sick of her. Sarah wasn’t included so she wanted to make a move against the majority as she knows she’s low on the pecking order. She approaches Zeke and Andrea to make a move.

However before heading to Tribal, Sierra approaches Sarah for a final three with Debbie, which has Sarah rethinking her entire plan. Debbie told Aubry that the plan is to go after Michaela per Sarah and Aubry is fired up that Debbie is so cocky, telling Sarah. Sarah is upset that Debbie lied about her and again becomes conflicted about how to vote.

They head to tribal…

Brad: Andrea
Debbie: Andrea
Sierra: Andrea
Sarah: Debbie
Andrea: Debbie
Aubry: Debbie
Troy: Andrea
Zeke: Debbie
Cirie: Debbie
Tai: Andrea
Michaela: Debbie