The episode begins with Sarah being upset with her tribe mates forgiving Varner for his actions at tribal. Tai says we have to show compassion and understanding to progress. Sarah is upset because she comes from a conservative family and she’s never met a transgender person before, so this means a lot to her. Zeke tells us in a confessional he was touched by the response and support he received but he is here to play Survivor.

Reward Challenge SPOILERS

The tribes are met with a merge but one person from each tribe must volunteer to not partake in the merge feast. Brad and Tai offer to sit out.

During the feast Brad told us he did this move so he can finally target Hali and Michaela.

After, the guys banded together to take out the women, while the women planned to group together to take out the guys. The guy alliance planned to go after Michaela. Cirie and Sierra decided to vote out Michaela, too but some of the other girls were unsure. Word got to Michaela which lit a fire under her butt.

Individual Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this individual immunity challenge, castaways will balance a block on top of their heads in a battle of endurance. Last castaway standing wins immunity.

Hali is out.
Troy is out.
Zeke is out.
Cirie is out.
Debbie is out.
Michaela is out.
Ozzy is out.
Aubry is out.
Brad is out.
Sarah is out.
Sierra is out.

It is down to Tai and Andrea.

Winner: Andrea

Tribal Council Spoilers

Sierra became anxious in wanting to make a move so she planned to split the votes between Hali and Michaela in case a hidden immunity idol came in to play. Cierra didn’t want to vote out Michalea so she pushed for Hali to go. Zeke also didn’t want to risk having both Michaela AND Hali being safe (by splitting the vote and an idol played) so he wanted to go after someone else. Sierra kept pressing to stick with the plan.

They head to tribal.

Hali is voted out 6-4 (Michaela)-2 (Zeke).

The next episode begins with Cirie and Michaela celebrating their victory. Cirie is already planning moves for the next tribal, wanting to cut Sierra from Brad and Troy. Andrea has the same thing in mind and proposes a movement with Zeke. Zeke thinks Cirie and Andrea are even bigger threats than Sierra and Brad so he wants to get one of those two out instead.

Reward Challenge Spoilers

In this reward challenge, castaways are split into a group of two. Two will swim out, receive a net with fish pieces, bring them to shore where they will tie it to a stick, which they will carry up the beach. The fish create a puzzle – first to solve wins.

Reward: Spa day

Blue: Debbie, Tai, Ozzy Zeke, Troy, Andrea
Orange: Sarah, Brad, Sierra, Cirie, Michaela, Aubry

Orange takes a lead and make their way to shore. They forget a piece and have to go back. Blue takes the lead.

Andrea and Tai easily put their fish on the hooks and take off to the solving station. Tai forgets a piece and have to go back. This opens it up for Orange, who now take the lead. Orange starts solving the puzzle.

Orange puts their first puzzle together but stuggle on the next, while Blue thinks they have figured it out…

Winners: Blue

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this immunity challenge, castaways will hold on to a pole in a battle of endurance. Last standing wins immunity.

Brad is out.
Aubry is out.
Debbie is out.
Zeke is out.
Sierra is out.
Troy is out.
Sarah is out.
It’s down to Andrea, Tai, Ozzy and Michaela.Ozzy says he doesn’t plan on losing (he’s never lost this challenge).

Michaela jumps off.
Andrea falls.

Winner: Tai

Tribal Council Spoilers

During the Reward Challenge reward, Zeke pressed for Debbie and Tai to vote out Andrea. Debbie was hesitant and wanted to make the right move.

After immunity, Zeke tells Sierra that Aubry, Cirie and Andrea are wanting her out but he wants to go after Andrea. Sierra is also hesitant in trusting him. She goes to tell Cirie that Zeke told her this stuff. Cirie tells Andrea and Ozzy. The group planned to vote out Zeke. Debbie, however, approached Sierra to vote out Ozzy. They try to rally the votes and Debbie contemplates using her extra vote advantage.

They head to tribal.

Debbie DOES use her extra vote advantage and she attributes it to Ozzy.

Andrea: Zeke
Aubry: Zeke
Brad: Ozzy
Cirie: Sierra
Debbie: Ozzy +1
Michaela : Zeke
Ozzy: Zeke
Sarah: Ozzy
Sierra: Ozzy
Tai: Ozzy
Troy: Ozzy
Zeke: Andrea