The episode kicks off with Debbie joining the tribe for the first time since Exile. She planned to not let Cochran down and downplayed her Exile stay. Tai tries to explain to Ozzy why he said his name at Tribal. Varner talks to Zeke about wishing to have been in on the blindside.

Reward Challenge Spoilers

In this reward challenge, castaways will race through a giant obstacle course, untying various keys and balls. Once through they shoot balls into nets. First tribe to score 5 balls, wins reward.

Reward: Pizza

Nuku takes the lead. Mana falling farther behind but begin to start catching up.

Ozzy shooting balls for Nuku and quickly scores three while Mana begins to shoot.

Ozzy needs to score once more… and does!

Winners: Nuku (Ozzy, Varner, Zeke, Tai, Debbie, Andrea, Sarah)

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this immunity challenge, castaways will swim out to a raft and pull each other to a set of buoys. They will use the buoy’s to solve a 13 letter puzzle. First tribe to solve the puzzle wins immunity.

It should be no surprise that Ozzy helps Nuku take the lead in a swimming challenge. Brad releases the first bag for Mana. Ozzy is on his third bag of buoy’s. Aubry gets the second bag for Mana. Nuku takes a huge lead and work on solving the puzzle. Mana now on their third bag, making their way to the solve station.

Both start solving but cannot figure out the word.

Hali thinks she’s figured out the word and tells it to her tribe to start solving… and she has it right!

Winners: Mana

Tribal Council Spoilers

After the reward challenge, Aubry, Brad, Cirie and Sierra grew closer while Sarah swept up Varner on Nuku. He wanted to go after Ozzy and Sarah liked the sounds of that.

After the immunity challenge, Varner requested one on one time with everyone since he figured he was next to go. Debbie wants Varner gone but Sarah keeps pushing for Ozzy. Andrea was unsure. Zeke wants to keep Varner but doesn’t want to lose Ozzy. Zeke told Varner, then Varner told the girls what Zeke did…

They head to Tribal.

Varner outs Zeke as being transgender. As such, there is no vote as the whole tribe agrees he (Varner) is going for his actions.