The episode begins with Sandra explaining to Michalea and Aubry that they had to get rid of JT because of his tribal council betrayal from the previous week.

On Mana, Tai finds yet another idol.

Reward Challenge Spoilers

DROP YOUR BUFFS! Tribes merge in to two. They draw for rocks.

Orange (Mana) : Sierra, Michaela, Aubry, Hali, Cirie,Troy, Brad
Blue (Nuku) : Andrea, Tai, Zeke, Varner, Sandra, Ozzy, Sarah

Debbie doesn’t have a buff. She doesn’t have a tribe and has to go to exile island.

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this Immunity challenge, the two tribes will head in to the water collecting puzzle pieces. They will put them into a boat and carry them to shore. Once there, they must put the puzzle together. First tribe to solve the puzzle wins immunity.

Reward: Immunity

Mana making quick work of the course and heading to the beach. Both tribe are trying to cart their cargo to the puzzle station. Mana has a small lead.

Mana gets to the top of the station and starts working on their puzzle.  Sierra is taking charge and solving the puzzle.

Nuku makes it to the station and begins solving.. but Mana thinks they have it.

Winners; Mana

Tribal Council Spoilers

After the swap, Varner and Sandra worried about being on the outs on their new tribe. Their tribe mates planned to vote Sandra out. At Exile, Debbie is not alone on an island, instead on a luxury yacht. Cochran joins her on the yacht and tries to guide her with advice.  He gives her an advantage in the game – she can make a fake idol, get an extra vote OR tribe challenge advantage. She picks the extra vote.

Before Immunity Challenge, Varner and Sandra were told to target Tai because he has such a good chance at getting far in the game with hidden immunity idols.

Tai tells Sandra that they are voting her out. He isn’t worried since he has two idols.

They head to tribal.

Andrea: Sandra
Tai: Sandra
Zeke: Sandra
Varner: Tai
Sandra: Tai
Sarah: Sandra
(And Debbie)