The episode begins with JT being on the defensive after the last tribal council. His tribe thinks he ratted out their plans, which he denies. In the morning, he searches for a hidden immunity idol as he knows he is in danger of leaving. He finds the clue, which leads him to the idol.

Reward Challenge Spoilers

In this reward challenge, castaways will balance a ping pong ball on a handheld bow as they manoeuvre through an obstacle course. They will then complete a slide puzzle. First two to win, win reward.

Reward: Cookies, PB&J & milk; PB&J.

Tavua sits out Troy.

Ozzy easily walks over the first ball for Tavua. The others are still trying to get their first ball over the course. Hali gets the ball over for Mana.

Zeke and Sandra are working on their puzzles. Debbie, who said she is awesome at balancing, cannot make it through. Zeke finishes his puzzle so this is Sandra’s to lose… which she wins!

Winners; Tavua and Nuku.

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this immunity challenge, castaways will race over obstacles to roll a giant cube to get keys and sandbags, to carry them to a giant a sling shot. First two tribes to knock down 5 targets wins immunity.

Reward: Immunity

Tavua sits out Cirie.

All three tribes are neck and neck (and neck) working on unlocking their sandbags. Tavua takes the lead, carrying over all 100 of their bags and are now working on hitting their targets. Nuku transfers all their bags and is now firing.

Sierra launches for Mana and she hits 2 bags quickly. JT knocks one for Nuku. Ozzy hits one for Tavua. Brad hits another one – they are one win away.

It’s down to Tavua and Nuku… It’s tied with 2 targets left… tied with 1 target left… JT shoots and misses. Ozzy shoots and HITS it!

Winners: Mana and Tavua

Tribal Council Spoilers

After the reward challenge, Debbie goes on some crazy rant about Brad picking her to be the one to balance the ball. She declares war on Hali and Brad. On Nuku, JT was upset that Michaela was using too much sugar in her coffee. Sandra decided to eat the rest of the sugar to put the argument to rest but JT continued to target Michaela for it. Tai looks for another idol and finds the clue.

After the immunity challenge, Aubry planned to get rid of Michaela. Sandra planned to get rid of JT to get vengeance for Malcolm. Varner was unsure if he should vote out JT or Michaela.

They head to tribal…

JT does NOT play his idol.

Aubry: Michaela
Jeff: JT
JT: Michaela
Michaela: JT
Sandra: JT