The episode begins with Sierra consoling Tai after voting Caleb off. He explains he wants to build trust within his tribe so he had to do it. Hali is very happy surviving tribal. She plans to align with Debbie to help vote out Tai. Debbie wants to vote out Hali and keep with the old Nuku tribe.

Reward Challenge Spoilers

In this reward challenge, castaways will carry a ball on a stick through an obstacle course to knock down targets. First two to knock them down wins reward.

Reward: Beer and/or iced coffee

Nuku: JT Mal
Mana: Tai and Brad
Tavua: Ozzy and Troy

Ozzy and Tai are quickly making it through the obstacles. JT is slowly catching up. Ozzy drops a ball while Tai and JT catch up. Tai drops and has to go back.

Malcolm is throwing; Troy is throwing. Tai still on the beam.

Tai makes it across and Brad is throwing at targets. Nuku wins first and Brad is knocking down targets, catching up to Troy. Both have two left… Brad hits the last one!

Winners: Nuku and Mana

Immunity Challenge Spoilers

In this immunity Challenge, castaways will be blind-folded and search for a bags of balls which they will use for a rolling ball puzzle. First tribe to finish the puzzle maze wins immunity; tribal for the other two.

Cirie instructs Tavua to the water tower and they get the first bag of balls. JT quickly gets his bag, same with Mana. All tribes have 1 bag. Malcolm gets his second bag.

Nuku quickly gets 3 bags. Mana have 2 now. Tavua still have 2.

Nuku is working on their ball puzzle. Tavua has 3 bags. Mana has 3 bags.

JT scores his first ball for Nuku, Michaela swaps in. Ozzy gets the first ball, Sarah swaps in. Malcolm has the second ball – just one left. Sarah ties it up for Tavua.

Andrea vs Varner for the win… Brad scores his first for Mana. Varner drops while Andrea is teetering for the win..

Winner: Tavua

Tribal Council Spoilers

After the reward challenge, Malcolm and JT planned to stick together and vote out Sandra. Malcolm planned for their tribe to stick together since they had the numbers over Mana. JT wanted Tai to go but Sandra wanted Sierra. JT contemplated swapping his vote as he figured the other tribe would vote out Sandra.

Brad wanted Hali to vote with them no matter what, even though they planned on voting her out earlier. The tribe planned to vote out Sandra. Tai searches for an idol and finds it. He tells the tribe he has found it.

They head to tribal.

After one of the CRAZIEST tribals ever (Hali and JT both conferred with the other tribe), Jeff goes to read the votes. Tai plays his idol and gives it to Sierra.

All of Nuku votes for Sierra but her votes do not count. Mana votes to eliminate Malcolm.