Beast Mode Cowboy became the latest castaway to be voted off from Survivor: Game Changers, once again falling victim to a snuffed torch on Day 9.

Despite being a physical asset to his tribe, it was his relationship with Tai that caused him to go home. Here he is as he talks about his time on Game Changers as well as explains his elimination to

Wigler: What happened here, Caleb? Talk me through it from your perspective. Why did they vote you out and not Hali?

Caleb: In my perspective, I believe… I’m just going to say this. I believe what was said at Tribal Council, which they did not show — obviously there’s a short amount of time to add everything in — but I remember Sierra at Tribal saying, “Why would we want to keep these two together? He was at your wedding.” That stood out to me. It made me think, “Hold on. So you’re telling me I’m going home because Tai was at my wedding? I’m going home because of that? That’s why? Not because of anything else?” Because I didn’t do anything wrong. So I stood up to her and said, “Wait a minute. So I’m going to go home because Tai was at my wedding? So Hali should go home because you have matching tattoos, from the last time you played together.” They played together on their season and afterwards they got their little tattoos. When she called me out on Tai being at my wedding, and how it would be stupid of them to keep us two together, we’re too good of friends? I honestly think that’s what happened, on the girls’ end of it. Then Brad Culpepper was just scared of me. He was a big, strong male on the tribe. When I came in, I think he thought, “Wait a minute. There can only be one alpha male here.” I believe that was probably his sense: “There’s another alpha male here, which means they can just kick me out because Caleb’s a better competitor than me. If they got him, they won’t need me.” Maybe that was his way of looking at it. But I’m sure there were a few reasons.


Wigler: Well, from that perspective, were they wise to be worried about your connection with Tai? Maybe their reasons come from outside of the game, but are they right in thinking that keeping the two of you together could be dangerous for them down the road?

Caleb: In all reality… possibly. It could be. I came into this game to play different. Yeah, Tai’s my buddy. He’s my friend. I’ve talked to Tai since, and I do believe that he tried his best. He’s upset that they didn’t show all of his attempts. Basically Brad just went up to him and straight up told him: “Tai, I know you and Caleb are friends, but we have the numbers to send him home, and if you vote against us, that shows us where you’re at.” And that scared him, you know? It being so early in the game. If you don’t vote for Caleb, you’re going next. That’s kind of how Brad came at Tai. It’s an individual game. You have to play for yourself. That early in the game, Tai had to do what was best for himself. That’s why I don’t take it personal. I don’t think I should’ve went home because Tai went to my wedding. That’s the only time I’ve seen Tai outside of Kaoh Rong. I don’t believe it was a good excuse. But that’s what everybody seemed to want to think at Tribal Council.

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