Big Brother Canada announced the official premiere date of its fifth season to be March 15th! The smash hit will continue to air three times a week on Wednesdays at 9 E/P, Thursdays at 8 E/P, and on a new night on Mondays at 9 E/P, all on Global.

Also featured in their tweet was an all new after show, which would take place right after the eviction on Facebook. How it will work is fans will be able to interact with host Arisa Cox, asking her( and we assume the evicted house guest) questions directly on the platform.

Why is this interesting? Well there’s a few reasons… One being the twitter user, bbcaninsider, who released cast spoilers this past week, announced that the Side Show would NOT be returning this year back in late January.  This gives bbcaninsiders spoilers about returning house guests of Sindy with an S and possibly Danielle Reyes a big boost in probability.

The second reason is that this user also suggested that this season will feature returning house guests in some fashion and that could explain why there is no SideShow considering some notable players co-host the show! bbcaninsider promises to search for more spoilers and we will update you when they do. Keep in mind that bbcaninsider has been right in the past, but nothing is ever confirmed in the reality television world until it’s officially announced – so always take things with a grain of salt.