In the morning Nicola and Bianca discussed their argument with Kim last night. Both girls thought it was good on them for not encouraging Kim, but just let her say what she had to.

The house is given a task where they will air their own tv show. First up is Bianca and Jedward selling their waxing products. Edward chooses to wax John’s stomach. They will then try to to see their milkshakes, which are mixed with gross foods.

Next, the house mates will hear various opinions and decide who it is about. A fight between Nicola and Kim started after one tweet wasn’t in Kim’s favour. Later, Coleen and James talk about how Kim encouraged and applauded all the negative things said about other house mates but lost the handle when bad things were said about her.

Coleen goes to the diary room and tells Big Brother about how she has been quiet in regards to Kim but she vows to never talk to Kim every again. She is upset that Kim insinuated that there is something between her and James C going on. Meanwhile, Kim is complaining to Edward that it’s not right that Coleen and James hang out so much in the house.

After a small break, the task continues with James C reading a story while the house mates have to act it out.