The day kicks off with the house given a task. Jedward and Nicola are band members, and the rest of the house mates must cater to them. After the first audition, Coleen is deemed the most like a rockstar and gets to join Jedward and Nicola.

We quickly catch up to last nights eviction, where we saw Calum leave the Big Brother house. Afterward, Big Brother announces their special awards show where the house mates will watch back clips, then vote for the winner based on that category.

Nicola is voted the most argumentative.
The second category is most naughty in the house. Nicola and Bianca vote Kim because they showed the clip of Kim being dragged out by security, calling Jamie an adulterer. Kim gets up and starts screaming at the girls because they aren’t keeping it light and are stirring the pot.

The awards continue and Big Brother announces that Kim and Jedward won the Naughty Award.
Kim wins the Biggest Diva award.
James wins the Under The Radar award, which was voted on by the public.