The task continues from yesterday where they are being judged by Big Brother. Today they will read tweets about them and defend their actions.

After everyone heard their tweets, and reflected on what was said, it was time to evict the next house mate… Jamie is called to the accused podium, arrested and then evicted.

Bianca, Nicola and Calum are shocked. They are trying to figure out of Jamie is really gone or not. Big Brother confirms to Bianca that he is in fact evicted. Coleen and James are confused as to why Jamie would be evicted over Jedward or Kim.

Kim is in a saucy mood and is trying to pick a fight with James C but fails. She tries to make Nicola her next victim, trying to make Nicola explain the tweet from earlier (Nicola thought Kim/Jedward would be evicted) Nicola explains she likes Kim now but was basing that off of when Kim first came in to the house. Kim starts telling Nicola that she must be a very sad person.

Later in the evening, most of the house mates are in bed but singing songs. Calum is upset and wants to go to sleep. Jedward, Bianca and Nicola head to the kitchen to keep singing. Calum is still annoyed. He gets out of bed and starts flying off the handle about how they are still singing.

The episode ends with Jedward telling themselves they were only trying to cheer Bianca up over Jamie’s sudden eviction.