In the morning, Jedward is still hung up over their argument with Calum and Nicola from last night,

The task for today has previous house mates holding trial against the other house mates. Austin Armacost, Luisa Zuisman, Saira Khan and John Mccricick join the to ask the house mates questions. Of course most of the questions pertained to Bianca having a boyfriend, Nicola “picking” on Jedward and how Jedward thinks Nicola is the Blair Witch. All house mates take the stand and hear what the witnesses have to say.

After the task, most of the house mates are upset at being insulted. Nicola wants to go home and is asking the diary room. Coleen is upset at what John said to her about her weight and failed marriage. Bianca and Jamie are always upset as they heard Calum say he thinks their showmance is only for TV.