In the morning,  Coleen goes over Spencer treating her poorly last night. During last nights nominations, Jessica didn;t like that Stacy hid food. Stacy is trying to explain her reasonings for it (she uses it as currency? idk) but Jessica doesn’t think it’s fair to do that. A small fight breaks out because Stacy thinks Jessica thinks she (Jess) is more important. Kim now gets involved.

Later, Calum talks to Spencer about not saying that type of stuff to Coleen again. Spencer agrees that it was too far and he will stop. He ‘s trying to get James C to crack and won’t use Coleen as an outlet to do that. Meanwhile, Coleen is telling Jamie and James that she wished the guys stuck up for her last night. Both guys say they didn’t think it was that bad and Spencer was just being drunk. Coleen agrees.

In the evening, Nicole and Stacy are asking Bianca about how well Jamie kisses. Meanwhile Jamie is talking to Big Brother about hopefully spending his last night with Bianca. After he comes out,, they head to the bathroom to have some fun 😉

Its eviction time where Emma goes to the house and tells Stacy she has been evicted.