Stacy is talking to Jess and Nicola about how they shouldn’t drink and talk about their feelings, based off of last night. Nicola and Coleen talk afterward and think that the conversation was not necessary. Stacy comes out and starts up again. Nicola tells her that she’s not going to ignore Speidi being rude to her and if she thinks that Nicola should do that, she doesn’t really know her.

Later, Kim removed Stacy’s clothes from the washer so she could wash her own. This sets Stacy off and she starts yelling and screaming at Kim for doing that, even though Kim apologized and said she didn’t mean any offence. While this is all happening, Nicola and Heidi have a chat where they want to put everything behind them. Both women agree and hug it out.

The house mates nominated earlier in the day and Big Brother calls the house mates to the living room to play them in front of the group. Anyone who receives a nomination will be up for eviction.

Speidi nominated Coleen and Nicola.
Coleen nominates Kim and Jedward.
James nominates Kim and Jedward.
Jedward nominates Stacy and Nicola.
Nicola nominates Kim and Jedward.
Jamie nominates Kim and Jessica.
Jess nominates Stacy and Jamie.
Calum nominates Kim and Jedward.
Bianca nominates Kim and Jedward.
Stacy nominates Jess and Kim.
Kim nominates Stacy and Nicola.

During Kim’s nomination, she said that Nicola is a liar and has lied about her in the past. Nicola asks in front of the house to say which lies she has said but Kim cannot produce any.

The house gets some drinks… a lot of drinks. And Nicola is going off on Kim yet again. Later, Speidi and Nicola hug it out and all agree that they want to put it behind them. The evening comes to an end with Heidi and Spencer talking in the diary room about how the house is feeling the heat with 8 people nominated.