The house is going over Chloe’s drunk antics from last night, where she gave Jedward a lapdance and was running around naked. A super hung over Chloe goes to the diary room to recount the night.

Stacy and Bianca are telling Chloe that she needs to lay off Calum when she drinks. Chloe starts crying and Calum joins, telling her not to worry about it.

Nominations this week are tied to the task. Both the hero and sidekick are given the option to push a button If one side pushes but the other doesn’t, the side that DOESN’T is nominated. If no one pushes, both are safe… however neither side can see what is happening.

Nicola hits hers first and nominates Jedward.
Neither Speidi nor Bianca hit their buttons.
Calum hits the button first and nominates Kim.
Neither James nor Jessica hit their buttons.
Jamie hits his button, nominated Coleen.
Stacy hits the button and nominates Chloe.

The house mates facing eviction are Chloe, Coleen, Jedward and Kim.

Another argument happens after the two groups meet back up and discuss when they hit the button. People thought Jedward were the ones who hit the button before the claxon went off but it was really Stacy. Jedward says as such. Stacy overhears and starts screaming that they need to keep her name out of her mouth. Previously, Stacy was telling Chloe and the others how she thought very hard about hitting button but Jedward says that’s not true.

Later, Jessica is talking about not pushing the button because of her character. Stacy is offended by Jessica’s comment and tries to make an argument about it but Jessica says it’s nothing to do with them, just who she [Jess] is. Stacy is still going on about her decision. She goes on and on about not being insecure.

Emma goes live to the house and tells Coleen she is safe. After another obnoxious 30 minute break, Emma goes back live to the house and reveals that Chloe has been evicted.

Once the interview is over, the house mates must pick one house mate to go straight to the finale and one who will be nominated every time until the finale…

Bianca gives eternal immunity to Jamie.
Calum gives it to James C.
Coleen gives it to James C.
Speidi gives it to Nicola.
James C gives it to Jamie.
Jamie gives it to James C.
Jedward gives it to Speidi.
Jessica gives it to Jedward.
Kim gives it to Jedward.
Nicola gives it to Coleen.
Stacy gives it to James C,

James has been given eternal immunity and gets an automatic spot in the finale. As such, he must pick one person to face every public vote. He chooses Spencer and Heidi.