Toronto’s Sharry Ash was evicted in tonight’s episode of Big Brother Canada by a vote of 11-1. Despite her early exit, she took them to talk to us about her strategy, gameplay and Loveita.

slaytrickorgeteliminated asked: Sharry, had you stayed tonight do you think you’d deviate from your orignial gameplan of not lying and not telling people what they wanna hear? You were amazing queen! Wish you stayed longer.

Sharry: I absolutely believe that I would not deviate from my plan. I think that it’s really important that I stay true to who I am but I would have remained more loyal and solid to myself and a little bit less putting my stuff out there to people. (Thanks!)

Big Bro Forum: There were many times you tried to talk some sense into Loveita. Do you think if she took your advice, you both could have survived the week?

Sharry: I don’t think much would have changed. I think the determining factor was when we lost the Power of Veto, and it landed in Christine’s hands because she had it out for us. So I don’t think it would have made a difference (laughs).

Big Bro Forum: After Dallas confessed he was the 4th vote, why didn’t you and Loveita play on that and use that to your advantage to get him backdoored?

Sharry: It’s hard to run a backdoor when the person who has the Power of Veto doesn’t wan to pull you off the block, so it wouldn’t have mattered if we had someone else. When the two people sitting on the block are the Power of Veto’s target, then the Power of Veto is not going to be used and the backdoor can’t happen. The situation with Dallas couldn’t have happened with Christine and that type of power.