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From where we left off, the house slowly started to become mobile. Jessie starting making her rounds, offering deals. She started with Aaryn and offered to throw HOH/volunteered her nominations/volunteered TO be nominated. Aaryn tells this to Amanda/McCrae. They talk about McCrae’s master plan to act like they want Aaryn out.

Jessie goes to Helen and is up her ass. She later campaigns to Elissa and tells her the offer. Elissa likes what she hears. Elissa entertains the idea of Jessie staying. Jessie asks her to tell others so they will be on board.

Aaryn and Andy are talking about McCrae’s plan. She is a bit uncomfortable. They talk about taking Helen out next week. They figure that Helen would honor her deal with Aaryn, but they should still take her out anyway.They talk about what might happen next week, and solidify their final 2 to each other.

Downstairs, Amanda and McCrae are talking about Helen. She wants to offer Helen a deal, but McCrae thinks there is nothing TO offer. They run through scenarios and count votes if the worst case happens. Amanda talks with Aaryn and offers a F4 deal with them, GinaMarie and Andy. Aaryn doesn’t really want one with GinaMarie because she will tell the house. They promise not to nominate each other and talk about taking Helen out. She tells Aaryn about how they want McCrae, Andy, Spencer to make a F3 deal so Andy can protect Aaryn/and McCrae, Amanda if Spencer wins. Meanwhile, McCrae is pitching the offer to Spencer in the bathroom. He is in.

The house hung out for the evening because they are on indoor lockdown.

Amanda and Elissa spoke about backdooring Aaryn. Elissa thinks that that is Helen’s plan. Elissa is now going around telling McCrae and others to get Aaryn out because she is a huge threat LOL

A few gather together and put on crazy makeup.

Jessie and Aaryn had a talk/argument/etc. Jessie tried to save herself but Aaryn was having none of it. They talk about how Jessie tried to get Candice to stay and that’s why Aaryn cannot trust her. Jessie giving really dumb excuses.

The house is now complaining about how boring the house is today.