Wow, how heartbreaking. Now I know why he’s so solemn all the time. Chin up Lee! You can do it, baby!

Star Magazine initially broke Lee’s horrible story this week. Turns out Lee’s grandmother, Eileen (80), was murdered five and a half years ago, by her own son – Lee’s uncle.

On October 27, 2004, Eileen was killed by her son who was in the midst of a mental breakdown. According to the The Daily Herald, Lee’s uncle John was having “some kind of breakdown” outside the grandmothers home and law enforcement was called.  While police was attempting to call him down, John grabbed a knife, lunged at an officer and turned the knife on his mother. Sadly, Eileen died a short time later.

A judge ruled John Dewyze not guilty by reason of insanity for Eileen’s murder in October 2006.  In April 2007, however, John DeWyze was sentenced to a mental health center for up to 60 years for the murder of Eileen Dewyze.

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