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BB16 Live Feed Recap: Day 64 Morning Update!

Most of the house is getting ready for bed.

Frankie and Caleb are upstairs solidifying their alliance to each other. Frankie is kissing ass as he always does, really buttering Caleb up. Both guys want Derrick and Cody to be in the final four with them and wonder which of the two would be okay to take to the final 2 with them. They think the jury will love Cody and think that Derrick will be better to take to the end because he hasn’t done anything all game.… Read the rest

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BB16 Live Feed Recap: Day 63 Evening Update!

Feeds go down for nominations.

It’s no surprise that Nicole and Christine are up.

House agreeing to go to bed early.

Cody is confessing to Christine that he did know she was going up. She’s now talking to herself? I guess? I can sorta hear her. She says to herself that she might be getting played and is now not doing anything for the bomb squad/detonators and is going to play for herself now.

Nicole and Victoria had a nice chat about the game.… Read the rest

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BB16 Live Feed Recap: Day 63 Morning Update!

Caleb is in the DR. His HOH room should be soon.

Frankie has been complaining non-stop about Donny being a favourite of America, someone who is more popular than him. He finally realizes that he is a villain and super fans do not give a shit about who he or his sister are.

He and Derrick are talking about the Team America task. He looks into the camera and says he thought that the Team America task was a gift and was for them.… Read the rest

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BB16 Live Feed Recap: Day 62 Evening Update!

FISH (after the winner won HOH)

Caleb has been resting his knee. Frankie has been non stop going on about Ariana.

The guys want Nicole and Christine up, and Caleb happily agrees.

He really hurt his knee so Derrick and and Frankie are helping Caleb to the shower. Cody is telling Caleb about how Nicole was helping Christine during the challenge by telling her to scoop up the gel.

Talk of Donny leaving and being happy.… Read the rest

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BB16 Live Feed Recap: Day 62 Morning / Afternoon Update!

House went to bed early again today.

The only thing that was happening was the Frankie and Caleb continued to try to sway Derrick into keeping Donny. Derrick tried to get away from it but Caleb and Frankie kept pushing for it. They agree to sleep on it.

FISH most of the morning, but the house was doing regular Thursday pre-show stuff.

Feeds come back. Caleb is heavily pushing for Donny to stay. He wants to lie to the girls by saying they flipped the vote but actually don’t so Donny goes after the girls.… Read the rest

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BB16 Live Feed Recap: Day 62 Evening Update!

It should be no surprise that the afternoon is slow.

Donny approached Frankie about the vote. Frankie is trying to tell him it doesn’t look good. Frankie is suggesting that Donny work on Caleb’s vote and not Christine’s. Frankie suggests telling Caleb that Donny is in the military. Donny tries to explain that he’s not in the military.

Frankie is telling Derrick that they will find out of they passed the task on the live show tomorrow.… Read the rest