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BB16 Live Feed Recap: Day 27 Morning Update!

Donny and Cody just finished their conversation. Donny insists that Cody has nothing to worry about on his end. They agree that the target for next week be unnamed, but they both know who they are thinking of.

Outside, Zach is telling Nicole that Caleb was throwing her under the bus for how she played in the Power of Veto competition. Nicole is mad. She wants to call him out. Zach telling her not to.

Derrick starts calling out Happy Birthday to his mom.… Read the rest

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BB16 Live Feed Recap: Day 26 Evening Update!

Zach and Christine are predicting that the eviction will be 10-0 with Brittany leaving. She makes a comment that she thinks this season will have 11 jurors. He thinks it’s better to not win HOH and making an enemy by nominating people for Battle of the Block. She agrees. She tells him that Amber wanted him to be the replacement nominee this week.

Donny is telling Hayden about his pitch to Cody this morning. He says that him and Zach being up there shows that he is expendable to the group.… Read the rest

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BB16 Live Feed Recap: Day 26 Afternoon Update!

Caleb ate a pickle to have a date with Amber. He’s now going around the house sharing it. This date isn’t for inside the house, by the way. He is taking her on 4 day and night cruise (LMFAO) Now he’s talking about how much he hates pickles.

The girls plan to play a prank on Zach while he’s sleeping. AW Hayden ruined it :(

Christine just got bit by something and needs medical attention. FISH as soon she is with the producers.… Read the rest

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BB16 Live Feed Recap: Day 26 Morning Update!

Brittany is still taking a bath. Derrick wants to go outside but plans on staying up there to prevent her from talking to Cody.

Outside, Christine, Frankie and Victoria are complaining about Brittany and Amber. Christine doesn’t think kicking 2,400 is that hard.

Brittany is in the tub, crying and trying to relax.

Hayden and Nicole are making out in bed.

Zach is still trying to get himself nominated.

Groups hanging out in the kitchen laughing and talking.… Read the rest

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BB16 Live Feed Recap: Day 25 Evening Update!

Frankie and Victoria are still talking. Frankie doesn’t care who goes up against Brittany, she is going home. She’s still ranting about Brittany.

Amber talking to Cody/Frankie now, saying the only girl she is with 100% is Christine. She doesn’t know why she feels so alone in the alliance. Cody says he doesn’t appreciate her saying he is the reason that she went up this week. She says she knows that he is good friends with Zach but she doesn’t trust him.… Read the rest

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BB16 Live Feed Recap: Day 25 Afternoon Update!

Hayden and Nicole have a quick chat. They talk about going after Caleb once Brittany, Jocasta and Amber are gone. They talk about how if a guy had Brittany’s punishment that it would be done already. Nicole comments she’d rather have Brittany’s task than her unitard.

Brittany reaches 2000 and takes a break. Donny and Jocasta are assisting her and supporting her.

Donny is now telling Cody that Caleb is NOT a team player. Cody says he knows and he’s thinking about making a personal decision.… Read the rest

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BB16 Live Feed Recap: Day 25 Morning Update!

Frankie brings out coffee for everyone.

Cody goes inside and asks Frankie why he threw him under the bus. He says he didn’t. They think that Amber is lying to Caleb about it. Cody wants to know if Caleb is pissed now. Frankie says no, he wants to take her to Germany. Cody says Amber is pissing him off. Frankie says he told her to calm down because it was worrying everyone. They talk about Amber’s lies and how she has Caleb back 100%.… Read the rest

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BB16 Live Feed Recap: Day 24 Evening Update!

Brittany is still outside kicking balls. She cannot have any help. Hayden suggests that she kicks the ball back to the mat instead of bending over and picking up the ball 2,400.

Frankie feeding the fish.

Amber now making her move on getting Zach out to Frankie. She asks if they’re close. He says they’re friends but not so much game-wise. He says he doesn’t trust him. She says she doesn’t either. She asks if Brittany is going this week and he says yes because she is not apart of the alliance.… Read the rest

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BB16 Live Feed Recap: Day 24 Afternoon Update!

The feeds come back and we learn that Victoria won!

Frankie and Zach are talking about what will happen this week. Talk of possibly backdooring Caleb. Frankie thinks if that happens, Amber, Brittany and Jocasta will come after him (Zach) next week. Zach thinks it will change this week. Frankie says it doesn’t change shit.

House talking about the competition. Caleb won money. Nicole got another unitard for the week and Zach got a trip to Germany.… Read the rest