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Live Feed Recap: Day 44 Evening Update!

The feeds come up after the eviction episode and we see Neda in the war room. She has all her HOH fixins’ and the spy screens are on for her to watch.

Inside, the house guests are wondering where she is. Allison keeps dropping hints that she’s in the walls.

Neda is going over scenarios, semi out loud. Trying to figure stuff out as to what to do.

Inside, the house guests are playing a game where they have to do an animal noise (I don’t even know how to explain LOL) They’re now going through the trunk, explaining their items.… Read the rest

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Live Feed Recap: Day 43 Evening Update!

From where we left off, Sachelle confirmed that they were evicting Arlie because they are tired of his shit and that he might over shadow them from being on the show.

Sachelle are putting on make up and getting ready to go to the hot tub. Adel joins and they rock him up, too.

Arlie’s still going around being all cocky saying everyone ruined their games by evicting him (mostly to Jon) Jon doesn’t even care.… Read the rest


Survivor: Cagayan Ep 8 90 Second RECAP!

A quick recap of tonights episode of Survivor.


The tribe is split in to three groups of three to compete in this reward challenge, which has the castaways throwing for bags, which they will bounce off a trampoline into baskets.

Reward: Spa day

Orange: Jefra, Trish LJ
Purple: Kass, Tasha, Woo
Green: Spencer, Tony, Jeremiah

Jeremiah takes the lead. Lj now releases the sandbags. Woo finally releases his set but Jeremiah is already onto the next step.… Read the rest


Ika’s Eviction Interview!

Ika spoke to us about her time in the house where she answers questions about if a girls alliance ever really works, Adel and who she thinks is the most underrated players in the game. Here’s what she had to say in this very Ikafied interview


TBBF: Hey Ika! You’ve been a fan of the show for a long time. Do you think all female alliances can ever truly work? 

Ika: YES!!! lol, it would need to be a very small alliance though.  An alliance of just 2 girls, lol.  The girls would also need to be very confident, and believe that they can protect themselves and not rely on boys to do it.

Read the rest

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Live Feed Recap: Day 43 Afternoon Update!

From where we left off Allison and Sachelle continued to wonder what was real and who do evict. Allison continued to push for Arlie to go. Arlie’s still there trying to sway them (same things over and over, it’s actually hard to update after a while)

Upstairs, Neda and Heather are still talking and hanging out. They really hope that Arlie is evicted this week and plan to always be by the girls so he cannot make a move to change their minds.… Read the rest

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Live Feed Recap: Day 42 Evening Update!

From where we left off, the feeds went down for several hours.

They finally return a Sachelle/Allison are talking about this weeks events. They’re talking about final four deals and something? I guess it happened while the feeds were off. Neda joins. Rachelle talking about how she read Neda’s lips and she [Neda] said she was mad that both Sachelle came off during the POV ceremony. Neda is defending herself saying she never said that about them, she said that about Arlie.… Read the rest

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Live Feed Recap: Day 42 Afternoon Update!

Big Brother wakes the house up and they partake in their normal routine. They noticed that it snowed a bunch outside.

Adel and Allison are having a quick change about the eviction. He’s trying to sway her back. He says he wants to be in on a solid alliance. She won’t be on the bottom. Since they’re in the middle, he’s good at going to either side. He says that they plan to get rid of Arlie because no one can beat him in the game.… Read the rest

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Live Feed Recap: Day 41 Evening Update!

Word is getting around that Arlie might try to find some way to say — and he is. He is currently talking to Sabrina about partnering up with Allison to keep him in the game and go after Joneda. He says he can help them win the next HOH. Sabrina is requesting that he talks to Allison first. Sabrina goes to Rachelle saying sh wants to keep Arlie so he can go after Jon for them.… Read the rest